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Minimum: 60 Day
Maximum: 90 Days
Our annual percentage rate is 36%

Please note that these are only approximate figures. All rates are calculated on a daily basis as stipulated by the National Credit Regulator. Please request a quote from us to determine the actual repayment amount and installment(s) should you wish to apply for a loan.


5% per month (which equates to a maximum of 60% APR) for the first loan of the year and 3% per month (which equates to a maximum of 36% APR) for other loans in the same calendar year.

Repayment Terms

Repayments will be made over no less than 2 months and no more than 6 months. 


No Renewals of Loans are automatic. All New loans are subject to employment and affordability criteria. A Consumer will qualify for the same amount if it is paid successfully for 3 times. Thereafter limit may be reviewed depending on consumer’s Financial circumstances and affordability. No additional fees are charged to Renew a loan. Each loan carries its standard fees in terms of Chapter 5 of the Credit Act No 34 of 2005.


All Collections are done by NAEDO Debit orders and soon to be introduced AC (Authenticated Collections) via FNB.


Non-payment will result in a R60 service fee charge if the loan is arrears for 30 days. Additional Interest of 3% per month may also be added for up to 2 months. After this the Debt will be handed over to our external collection agency and their Attorneys. Not paying your loan could impact your Credit Rating and make it difficult to qualify for finance at other Credit Providers.


If R2000 is borrowed for 60 days.
Initiation Fee: R255.00
Service Fee: R104.50
Interest: R58.32
VAT: R00.00

Total to Repay: R2610.62



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WFS Loans would like to reassure our clients that we will be fully operational during the national quarantine implemented by the president due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All loans will be processed as usual, with same day pay outs, providing our clients with the service they’ve come to expect from WFS Loans.

The financial wellbeing and health of our clients remain our top priority.

WFS Loans will be operating as normal, and this situation will not have any impact on our service provided to you as our client.

We urge all our clients to please stay in contact regarding any payment arrangements, should you not be able to meet your obligations.

If you have any queries, please contact us at